Essay on mass media in pakistan

[Some observers suggest that the Panopticon has other meanings for the Mass Media.

Essay On Mass Media In Pakistan What do community outreach, mobilization and mass media programmes encompass? Community outreach and mobilization can encompass a range of interventions and.

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Therefore, while it might be possible to draw comfort from his view that power outcomes are not inevitable and can be resisted, he offers no revolutionary option (what, indeed, would we revolt against?) His message to those who want to do more than just study the mass media but somehow affect the outcomes is really no more than "It ain't necessarily so" but in an age when arguably a false certainty is a major barrier to change, maybe "It ain't necessarily so" is in fact a particularly potent message.

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Students of the mass media today might consider to what extent it is still being used to transmit these meanings and, if appropriate, whether the purpose remains to maintain the illusion of reality which Foucault argues was so successfully created as a means of control.

Essay on mass media in pakistan

If this is so then the effect of power is not just unstable but, as a consequence, unpredictable and this idea has significance for any theory of dominant power through the mass media.

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News reporters, correspondents, writers, musicians, designers, developers, animators, recordists, camera operators, makeup artists, costume designers, and engineers; the media industry needs them all.

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Then, given that the perceived link between the mass media and power is so strong, it is pertinent to review Foucault's understanding of the nature of power.

08/12/2015 · Today the list of mass media also embraces pagers, satellites, electronic mail, internet, cell phones, and computers

Marxists, to take just one viewpoint, see the mass media as tools for creating a false reality so as to disguise a reality of oppression and exploitation.

Essay On Mass Media

The interesting question is, has the mass media (and especially the Tabloids) become a form of Panopticon in that it constantly scans society for signs of deviance with the threat of punishment by disclosure which is particularly threatening to those in public life.

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Students of the mass media might well consider that this discourse, conducted through it, created a "stumbling block" which became a "point of resistance." Similarly, in the context of the use of the feminine body, Foucault argued, "For a long time they tried to pin women to their sex.

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Whatever, the student of the mass media might be drawn to consider not just if (and how) the articulation of "deviance" in the service of normalising messages actually serves to galvanise and structure centres of resistance but also if this resistance then feeds back into discourse both changing the perception of "truth" and re-energising the resistance already created.

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Foucault offers no ready solutions to the student of the mass media; he is, in Sheridan's words "a slayer of dragons, a breaker of systems" [Sheridan (London, 1980), p.