F-Secure calls this worm after the pseudonym of its author.

A good example of a geometric series is the propagation of a computer worm.

In some cases (e.g., CodeRed), the best recovery is to reformat the hard disk drive, make a clean installation of the operating system, then install all of the applications software, and finally copy all of the user's data files from backup media.

The anti-virus software vendor Trend Microreported on 17 May 2002 that a total of 9.5 × 105computers worldwide had been infected with either KlezE or KlezH.

This article quotes a public relations consultantwho was falsely accused by eight of her clients,as well as potential clients,for sending the Klez program to them: "I can't imaginethey will trust me with a campaign for a tech firm after this."

At least one version of the Klez program produced e-mail thatsaid that the attachment (which really contained the malicious Klez program)was an "immunity tool" and that the attachment originated froma specific, well-known anti-virus software vendor.

One of the most important things to a child in today’s modern world would be technology.

Even if one ignores the rapid growth of a geometric series,the historical examples of the rapid propagation of the in Dec 1987 and the in Nov 1988 showwhat happens when worms are released into computer networks.

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(I put "experiment" in quotation marks, because the design and releaseor a computer virus or worm is a crime, a legitimate scientific experiment.)

Other examples of for writing or releasing malicious programs are contained in my essayon

The first computer virus for Microsoft DOS was apparently written in 1986and contains unencrypted text with the name, address, and telephonenumber of Brain Computer Services, a store in Lahore, Pakistan.

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A variant of the Brain virus was discoveredat the University of Delaware in the USA during Oct 1987 wherethe virus destroyed the ability to read the draftof at least one graduate student's thesis.

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If the doctor were to hand-write every little thing, to keep track of such things, it would be very difficult, but with computers, the task uses less time and the process is simplified....

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The worm displayed an image of a conifer tree on the user's monitor,while it searched two files on the user's account to collect e-mailaddresses, then automatically sent itself to all of those addresses.

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From the Chinese using abaci to count, to the Druids' usage of stones to follow the seasonal changes, to the Europeans using Pascalines and calculators to work out mathematical problems the concept of the computer ha...

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Internet means a network of networks, a super highway that links online services and computer networks at companies, universities, and government agencies all around the world.

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But this example clearly shows the rapid growth of a geometricseries and why authors of worms should not be surprised whentheir worm rapidly gets out-of-control.

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This was not always the case though, Windows software is actually a fairly new technology that has grown much over the years and continues to develop and change even today....

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If Morris had really been innocent, he could have faxed the sourcecode for his worm to system administrators at University of Californiaat Berkeley, MIT, Purdue, University of Utah, etc.