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The main purposes of mass media are to provide information, entertainment and advertisement.

Whereas women are expected to comply to their gender role prescribing passivity and compliance, athletes are connoted with an aggressive, competitive nature.

However, I also found that although there are not many stories about women, there has been a steady progression and magazines like Sports Illustrated are becoming bold enough to highlight women athletes in a magazine that is targeted towards a male audience....

According to Anne Bowker in Sports Participation and Self-Esteem, Men have an advantage over women in sports because they're more aggressive and have higher self-esteem (2003).

Women may now hold jobs, own property and participate in professional sports.

Some caution should be taken in trying to apply a model from the modern world to the ancient. That sort of determinism, that one set of circumstances will produce one outcome, does not apply in history. In the Kushan period, the exact point in time when Indian art adopted the fully nude image as its representation of the female form, which modern examples tell us is degrading to women is also the moment at which women achieve their greatest authority (at Mathura) in religious activity, judged by the inscriptions from Mathura women form nearly a third of Buddhist donors, and probably nearly half of Jain donors. By contrast in Gandhara, to the north, and in the same period, when the images are more modest, apparently less dangerous to women, they are absent from public religious activity.

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It is hard to say if frank expressions of female sexuality were driven by an assertive group of monastic and lay women keen to assert the importance of 'feminine' attributes in religious practice, or if they show a cultural attitude that fertility and other characteristics made religion a 'separate sphere' more receptive to women's participation, or if they are a means of controlling women's image by a patriarchal society deeply worried by the idea of women. Probably the images result from all of these factors, and some others.

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When you match up men and women with the same lean body mass and size, the differences are small.

This gripping program describes the massive human rights abuses that have been escalating since the withdrawal of the Soviet forces, as seen through the eyes of women who have survived years of rampant gender and religious intolerance.

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It examines the submissiveness of upper-class women; a new emerging middle class who are defying tradition and cultural expectations to fight for equal rights; and the indigenous population, who are segregated and discriminated against.

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We meet a woman active in the movement against female genital mutilation, a health care worker educating women about sexually transmitted diseases, and businesswomen who describe how they have set up an association to share expertise and provide mutual assistance.

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This video-essay takes an earthly perspective on cross-border circuits, where women have emerged as key actors and expertly links new geographic technologies to the sexualization and displacement of women on a global scale.

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Remarkable vintage film and fascinating interviews with women whose lives have spanned the 20th century provide evidence of and insights into the harmful practices of foot-binding, arranged marriages, and polygamy; the postiive impact of the Dowager Empress, Sun Yat-sen, Mao Zedong, and China's first feminist, Qiu Jin; and the salutary effects of female education and Ibesn's A doll's house.

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The film also examines the relationship between the historical and existing media images of women of color and raises the question of whether they may be suffering from a self-image disorder as a result of trying to attain the standards of beauty that are celebrated in media images.

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This collection of film clips, personal accounts, and expert insights takes us on a journey throughout American history, exposing skeletons that lie deep in the bedroom--as the filmmaker addresses the continued violence and exploitation perpetrated on black women.