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Body: The body of your essay consists of one to three paragraphs that inform your readers about the topic you introduced. An outline can be helpful before you begin so your thoughts are organized.

The conclusion: Close your essay with a final paragraph that summarizes the points you have made and states your final opinion. This is where you offer insights or lessons learned, or share how you were, or will be, changed because of your approach to the topic. The best conclusions are tied to the opening paragraph.

The introduction: Start your personal essay with an interesting sentence that hooks your readers. You want them to want to read more. If you need topic ideas, see No. 2. Once you have a compelling topic, decide on the main idea you want to communicate and introduce it with a bang.

Some days we are brimming over with topics to write about, and other times it can be difficult to come up with a single idea. There are things you can do to inspire yourself.

SHORT ESSAY ONDr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Personal essays are your unique view of the topic. Be descriptive. Use all of your senses. Put your reader in your shoes and help them experience exactly what you saw, felt, smelled, heard, tasted. Were you nervous? What did that look like? Sweaty hands, stutter, drooping shoulders? Show us. Help us experience your essay.

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Most personal essays are also written in the past . You are relating something that happened to you or the way you feel about something by giving examples. You can write in the present tense if you want to. The main point here is to be consistent. Whichever tense you decide to use, stay in it. Don't switch around.

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It's your first day back in English class and you are given the assignment to write a personal essay. Do you remember how? You will, with the reminders below. Your teacher has a good reason for this assignment. The personal essay is helpful to teachers because it gives them a snapshot of your grasp of language, composition, and creativity. The assignment is really quite easy, it's about you after all, so this is your opportunity to shine!

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My personal favorite is the Mermaid Chronicles - because I enjoy the juxtaposition of verse within prose. Because I enjoyed writing from my soap box about the folly and foibles of those unwilling to journey beneath social veneer and influence of greed. Because hope reigns supreme and victorious.

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Better still than the flash of ~butt cheeks~ (remember, Playboy is cool with nudity again now) is that according to her caption, the photo is accompanied by a "short essay" she wrote called "The Feminist Mystique" — presumably a riff off Betty Friedan's classic Feminine Mystique. The essay isn't yet online, but we can't wait to read it because if there's one thing we know about Slytherins, they're stellar at looking out for their own: