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Before leaving the region, Caesar established Cleopatra as his surrogate ruler of Egypt.

Ironically enough, when he thinks he is one step away from pulling it off, his "friends" (most from the senate) decide to overthrow him, with Caesar's most trusted friend, Marcus Brutus, acting as leader of the conspirators.

Marcus Brutus, and Julius Caesar, display all the qualities of the `tragic hero': they are great men, with character flaws, and as a result of a mistake in decision-making many people suffer.

By portraying the qualities of honorable Brutus, William Shakespeare, in his tragedy Julius Caesar, proves that anyone with good intentions, nobility, and the ability to recognize flaws can be a true hero.

Julius Caesar is the center of the ordeal of leadership in Rome when the play begins.

The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is based on an historical event- the assassination of Julius Caesar; however, the story revolves around the conspirators, not Caesar....

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Brutus proves to be the better leader for Rome rather than Caesar or Antony....

He is only in a small portion of the play and does not possess a major tragic flaw; however Marcus Brutus fits the description of tragic hero much better than Julius Caesar.

The commoners are celebrating Caesar's victory.

After Caesar was unjustly killed by his friends and comrades, the crowd was persuaded to believe that his death was necessary for the good of the republic.

Character Analysis on Julius Caesar's The most favorite character of mine of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar was Brutus

William Shakespeare, in his play Julius Caesar, examines the struggles for the title of the noblest Roman between ethical Marcus Brutus and other power thirsty Romans to reveal the most honorable man.

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What to say it’s main scheme of it would have to be the conspiracy to murder the Caesar, and the conspirators that helped complete this bloody task....

Julius Caesar's Character Analysis Brutus essays

It may be true – – that the analogy between Julius Caesar and Donald Trump is a bit forced. Regardless, the production is, as one reviewer , “a deeply democratic offering, befitting both the Public and the public – and the times.”

Julius Caesar has just reentered Rome in triumph after a victory in Spain over the sons ..

However, Antony’s oration cleverly manipulates the crowd through the use of pathetic appeals, especially enargeia, into rebelling against the assassins and mourning the death of Caesar....

What role does tradition play in Julius Caesar

Yet, the ideals of democracy – in Rome and in our own times – have to be constantly guarded against demagogues, who also may be idealists, of all political stripes. Productions of “Julius Caesar” have typically evoked topical political analogies. Even seemingly traditional, period productions, such as the in Britain, resonate with topical relevance, enabling the audience to deduce connections to today’s political climate.

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Shakespeare’s Rome is a place of brutal struggles between democratic ideals and human ambition. The assassination of Caesar is one of the most important events in Roman history, and Shakespeare had inherited over 1,600 years of ambiguity, with little consensus over whether Caesar’s killing was justified. He incorporated these debates into his play, offering his viewers multiple perspectives on the characters. Caesar is either a heroic, benevolent ruler or tyrant; Brutus is either a patriot or assassin.