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: Write an essay for this prestigious national essay contest for a chance to win a $2,500 cash prize, an all-expenses-paid trip to Washington, D.C. to meet the Secretary of State and full tuition to cover a Semester at Sea voyage once you enroll at an accredited university. Any high school student can enter. New essay contest rules and the application are posted in November each year. The deadline is typically in April.

: Middle school and high school students can participate in this essay contest. Write an essay on a science-related topic on one of four of the identified challenges: feeding the world, building a secure energy future, protecting people and the environment and being innovative. The deadline is typically in February each year. Prizes range from a $250 U.S. Savings Bond to a $5,000 U.S. Savings Bond. First, second and third place winners also receive a trip to Orlando.

My College Guide has gathered a list of 10 essay contests that high school sophomores and juniors can participate in. Be sure to check each contest’s website for complete rules and deadlines. Now, get your laptop ready and start writing!

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Finding creative scholarships is not as difficult as it may seem. Two prime resources for scholarship information are your high school guidance counselor, and your college financial aid adviser. They regularly receive up to date information on scholarship programs that are active across the country, and are happy to pass that information on to you. Your teachers and instructors are also a good source for scholarship information. For example, if you are interested in studying art, consult your high school art teacher about scholarship opportunities he or she may have first hand experience with. Music students will want to speak with their schools music director, or any private music tutors they may have, about possible scholarships.

Scholarships For High School Students

As students search for financial aid for college, they will find a large number of grants and scholarships designed to benefit both gender and ethnic minorities. These programs are fairly well established, and generally apply to every field of study. African-American’s, Native Americans, Asian-Americans and Hispanics will be able to find a wide range of scholarship programs dedicated to helping them achieve their educational goals. Many of these programs concentrate on students pursuing distinct career paths, and offer incentives for minority students to pursue an education in fields in which they have been historically under-represented. The majority of minority specific scholarships are dedicated to teaching, healthcare, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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Signet Classics publishes literary works that are turned to by education professionals, students and the reading public. They also host this scholarship contest that requires an essay along with your application.

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Five juniors and seniors will each win $1,000 in creative writing scholarships, to be used for higher education. They also win a library of Signet Classic books for the school they will be attending.

The Procassini Honor Scholarship is based on academic achievement and/or outstanding accomplishments in high school

In some cases, creative writing scholarships will pit writers like you against other types of artists. Some can be entered while you’re still in high school. There are many categories, from poetry and video game design to art and fiction. If you are a graduating senior, you can submit a complete portfolio of your work, in addition to the individual works that are requested.

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When you’re busy applying to colleges or for financial aid and scholarships, you’re already doing a lot of writing. This is a chore for some students, but if you plan to eventually write as a career, you’ll be more willing to spend time writing now, since there are scholarships out there for you. Take the time to write essays when needed, and you’ll have a better chance of winning scholarships.

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For this contest, your English teacher must submit your essay. The topic varies from year to year, and is always one that is easy to research, to make your essay writing job easier. Learn more at the Signet Classics essay scholarship .

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This program awards $500 in no essay scholarship funds each month. You’ll be helping yourself and others alike when you post interesting information, the same way you do on social media sites. Your information will be voted on and then judged. Whoever receives the most votes in one month will win the scholarship. Learn more at their .