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What The Flag Means To Me Essay Ideas - What The Flag Means To Me Essay Ideas

Something for Black Flag fans to mildly consider if they've got $9 tospend (the total net income of Greg Ginn last year, according to his 2001 tax returns) and something for the rest of you to stay the fuck away from.

The heavyness of this album fuckin blew meaway when i first heard it, and to me at least, thisalbum actually sounds angrier than any other albumBlack Flag produced.

Tapes do exist of flag doing all this stuff w/two guitarsand the mighty Chuck Biscuits on drums - its unreleased but i got tohear it and it is fucking RAMPANT, way superior to the sound on mywar.

So in conclusion to this goddamn mini-essay- Get drunk to the first 2Flag records and smoke up to the rest.

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Regardless of the online comments or accidental forwards, why I don't wear makeup.

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