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In this essay fear of crime is used in the context of an individual’s perceived risk of ..

Category: essays research papers fc; Title: Middle Age Fear Of Growing Old Essay in The Love Song of J. He is deeply distressed over the Fear Of Growing Old Essay fact that he is growing old, and feels that the His preoccupation with time throughout the poem characterizes his fear of aging.

Free growing old papers, essays, and research papers. ice bath, so one does not want to jump in, but he or she can't turn back for fear of jeer from friends.

Why People Fear Old Age essaysIn today's society every one wants to look young and The reality of getting older is manifested through stereotypes and myths.

In The Prince, Machiavelli offers political advice on an array of matters, such as whether as a leader it is better to be loved or feared.

"Too much love" begins to call ego's ways—selfishness, self-protection, fear, doubt, defense and offense—into question. Wherever that love light shines, all such junk sticks out like a sore thumb.

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So, ego not only fears that loving will result in hurt, it also fears that if we love too deeply, too happily, we will abandon the ego-concept (of separation and self-protection) altogether. Ego fears its undoing in love.

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“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.��? (I Timothy 1:7)

Ego's habit of freaking out, withdrawing, fearing, etc. keeps much of the available fuel—which is, essentially, love, recognition, attention, energy, whole-heartedness, true commitment—out of love's fire. Usually, it will allow a certain amount of fuel to be thrown into the fire, but no more—thus, keeping the relationship at a "comfortable," controllable, mediocre level. Or in other cases, one might pull out completely, refusing to give anything to the relationship in terms of time, care, energy. And then, obviously, the fire will go out. That's how many relationships die.

5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Love

Many people fear that love, unity, joining, blending, will destroy their individuality—extinguish their selves. And there is no blame for that fear. It is an innocent failure to realize the fact that Unity and individuality compatible. In fact, when a person is unified, their beautiful, unique qualities . Just as a flower needs to remain rooted in the earth to bloom, and grow, and be itself, we need to be rooted in one another, and in the big I-of-all, to bloom, grow, and be ourselves. But we don't usually that (much less have enough faith in it to bet our lives on it). So we resist the love-fire (which is, indeed a meltdown into Unity). We douse the fire.

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Now, friends, you know about the awesome refiner's fire of natural love. How it works; what it does; and where is it heading. Use that knowledge of Big Love—and your experience of it—as a reference point by which to put ego's fear in proper perspective. Forget ego, and give your all to love. Invest big, love large, where possibility for love-fusion is realizable. Offer Big Love wherever it may be welcome, and accept it as it offers itself.

In this essay, you the reader will experience first hand how I managed to overcome my obsessive fear of the dark

Spirit Myth based nations exist to this day.

Most, but not all, spirit "beings" have been traditionally created "" with varying degrees of human characteristics and emotions;characteristics such as male, female, warlike, cunning, wise, threatening,ignorant, tolerant, stupid, tricky, judgmental, understanding, intolerantand arbitrary; and with emotions of anger, contentment, pleasure,displeasure, love, hate, joy, sorrow, jealousy, indifference, wrath,forgiveness, obsession, fear, and compulsion. An almost universal trait of"good" spirits is their bias in favor of "us", the chosen people, over"them." Even today, the end of the twentieth century, the world of spiritbeings remains large in number in the human imagination, considering thevast array of angels and demons in addition to the principal supernaturalanthropomorphic deities.

Bewildering as it may seem, authoritative fundamentalist religious sects arestill promoting belief in evil spirit "beings" who inhabit the earth andinteract with humans and the physical world. To quote a religious pamphletrecently handed to me by a very nice woman: "" To quote Robert Ingersoll(1833-1899), an anti-slavery and woman's rights advocate who pioneeredendlessly to free men's minds enslaved by authoritarian religions: "" 2

Philosophic thought and the elementary use of scientific reason began duringthe Golden Age of ancient Greece and Rome (450 - 200 BCE) by pioneers ofreason including Socrates, Theodoras, Aristotle and Epicurus. One of thetragedies of human history was the temporary overthrow of the rationalnaturalistic ethical philosophies of the Golden Age by supernatural spiritbased beliefs dictated by Christian-Islamic power centers during the DarkAges (450 - 1000 CE).

By the end of the Dark Ages most of the ancient polytheistic mythologies ofGreece, Rome, the Near East and the Middle East were disposed of and wereincreasingly replaced through the missionary zeal of authoritariannation/state hierarchy enforced Christian and Islamic Yahweh/Al-Lah based pseudo-monotheistic belief systems, limiting the freedom of thought of millions of people.

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That's what happens to ego when we let our selves and lives be directed by love. A love fire, once inflamed, starts to melt down ego and everything else. It starts sucking everything into itself. It calls for It calls for letting go of everything one usually clings to. Selfishness is sucked in. Fear is sucked in. Doubt. Cruelty. Indiscipline. Self-destruction. Insecurity. Mistaken identity. It consumes our ego-identity, and shoots the remains up into the heavens—and what is left is who we are.