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My Initial Hypothesis I believe that sexual orientation is not something that is learned.

I can’t pin point just one group or sector of people, beliefs, or ideologies that is morally altering the future generations; but I will expound on sexual orientation and how it affect us, socially, emotionally, and politically.

This statement is necessary to be mentioned, these days, if you love Katherine but why is there a need to justify your sexual orientation and how do you decide your sexual orientation.

It’s about valuing differences and inclusion; this is the act of spanning such areas as ethnicity, age, race, culture, sexual orientation, physical disability and religious beliefs.

The European decriminalization of sodomy began inpost-Revolutionary France. The Constituent Assembly abrogated laws criminalizing"crimes against nature" in 1791 when it abolished ecclesiasticalcourts. This followed from the broader spirit of Enlightenment legalreform that protected the private sphere from state intrusion. Thepublic and minors were still deemed to require state protection;therefore, the Law of 19-22 July 1791 and the Napoleonic Penal Code of1810 criminalized "debauchery or corruption" of minors of either sexand "offenses against public decency" including sex in public placessuch as parks or bathrooms. However, the Code Napoléon nevercriminalized homosexuality itself thanks to the influence of, the Second Consul who was ahomosexual man.

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In most cases, secularists, religious liberals, gays, lesbians, human sexuality researchers, the medical profession, biologists, therapists, etc. have reached a joint consensus on the meaning of most sexual terms. However, many religious conservatives assign unique and different meanings to some of these terms. This difference in definitions can greatly complicate attempts at dialogue. Perhaps that is why the differences exist. The person who defines the terms has already gone a long way towards winning the debate.

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The medical literature on homosexuality that grew rapidly in thelate 19th century was largely written by medico-legal experts concernedwith determining whether certain people accused of criminal sexualbehavior should be considered innocent because of a constitutionaldefect or mental illness. Although such pathologization may seemstigmatizing, at the time it could also serve liberatory aims since itwrested the issue of sodomy from the police and courts.

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Thus, the term "pedophile" covers an extremely broad range of actions and sexual attraction. It is almost meaningless unless carefully defined in advance.

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One author wrote, “The tendency to define a person as homosexual, regardless of the amount of heterosexual experience that person has, is an attempt by people to divide the world into two groups – one’s own group, which is pure, and another group, which viewed negatively, inferior, and t...

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Westphal'sdiagnosis was rendered into Italian by forensic expert as "inversion of the sexual instinct" (1878). The celebrated Frenchneurologist (1825-1993) rendered it intoFrench in 1882 as "inversion of the genital sense" in an articledescribing a variety of "sexual perversions" including inversion andfetishism. Relying on the widely accepted theory of , Charcot argued that sexual inversion was aneuropsychiatric degenerative condition like hysteria and epilepsy. Assuch, he believed it was a serious mental illness likely to beassociated with other disorders.

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Sexual orientation is “the clear, persistent desire of a person for affiliation with one sex rather than the other”, otherwise known as sexual preference.

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The theory argues, pursues and considers how gender, race, sexual orientation and other categories of identity interact on many and often concurring levels of social relationships, therefore allowing discrimination and social inequity.

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Dimensions of diversity include but are not limited to: age, ethnicity, gender, physical abilities / qualities, race, sexual orientation, educational background, geographic location, income, marital status, military experience, parental status, religious beliefs, work experience, and job classification." (Foothill-De Anza Community College District, 2015) In a model world it would be assumed that everyone would be treated fairly when applying for a job and advancing within the field....