Charles Darwin had 10 children....

Charles Darwin was the discoverer of the biological theory of evolution.

Herschel had as recently as February, 1836, written to Charles Lyell concerning Lyell's book Principles of Geology - published in 1830, which had set out the idea of the extremely gradual formation of landscapes through natural processes.

In this letter Herschel apologised to Lyell for not previously acknowledging Lyell's making a presentation, to himself, of a copy of this book:-

the origination of fresh species, could it ever come under our cognizance, would be found to be a natural in contradistinction to a miraculous process - although we perceive no indications of any process actually in progress which is likely to issue in such a result."Darwin had earlier been profoundly influenced by reading Herschel's during his last year at Cambridge University.

When HMS Beagle had called at Cape Town, on the southern coasts of Africa in 1836 on the return leg of its famous voyage, Captain Robert FitzRoy and the young naturalist Charles Darwin visited the famous English scientist John Herschel, (who was engaged in astronomical survey work there), on 4 June of that year.

Charles Darwin was married for 43 years to Emma Darwin who was his cousin.

Darwin continued to develop a theory expaining the naturally arising development of new species but at the same time had begun to think seriously that life as a scholarly bachelor would be unappealing and decided to attempt to pay court to his sincerely religious first cousin, Emma Wedgwood.

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The race of plants and the race of animals shrink under this great restrictive law ..."Darwin took up Malthus' "imperious and all-pervading law of nature" as providing a mechanism whereby individuals within a species which, because of some very slight variation, were better suited in win out in the "struggle for survival" by being more able to gain the food necessary to allow them to survive in the short term, and to allow them to become the parents of a new generation - which could thereby tend inherit this favourable very slight variation - in the longer term.
(This basic and food-related struggle for survival between individuals within an existing species proved to be capable of extension towards a consideration of a more complex and food-related struggle for survival between existing species and new species).

Life, as we know it, was changed by Charles Darwin.

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Erasmus Darwin's idea of heritable evolutionary change being that a potentially rapid one driven by the "necessities of the creatures" where new parts and new propensities were open to being acquired - after birth - in line with such necessities in accordance with an unexplained "power of acquiring new parts".:-

Charles Darwin's I Think diagram on page 36 may then represent his own claim to distinct theorising.

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In this present day these theories are as common belief as a simple mathematical equation such as two plus two equals four; but in the year eighteen hundred and fifty nine Darwin not only risked his reputation with these far fetched findings but also the risk of being excommunicated from the church....

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From his theories on variation of species to his explanation of natural selection Charles Darwin has shocked the world by proving the world older than previously thought and creatures not immutable.

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We tend to speak simply of the theory of evolution, leaving off the explanatory phrase, "through natural selection." At most, perhaps, the general public has heard of "survival of the fittest" a poor phrase as far as I'm concerned, since fitness in everyday usage is associated wit...

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In order to explain these misunderstandings, one must first point the main differences between darwinism and other forms of evolutionary theories, especially, Lamarckism.

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From the beginning, this scientific theory gave way to multiple misinterpretations and missapropriations by different kinds of theorists and especially by social scientists.

Charles Darwin s Theory of Evolution Charles Robert Darwin was born on 12 February 1809 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire into a wealthy and well-connected family.

If we peruse another Notebook B page, also dating from 1837, it can be appreciated how much of the foundation for his eventual Origin of Species theory was already being "mentally" laid out all of 22 years before the eventual publication of the Origin of Species.:-

The text reads:-

...led to comprehend true affinities.