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Sam Shepard belongs to the cream of the crop of 20th century American dramatists.

Long, slow days passed. It was a Kentucky evening filled with thedarting light of fireflies, and the sound of the crickets and chorusesof bullfrogs. Sam walked to his bed and lay down and went to sleep, astoic, noble sleep. A sleep that led to an unwitnessed moment, as lovesurrounded him and breathed the same air. The rain fell when he took hislast breath, quietly, just as he would have wished. Sam was a privateman. I know something of such men. You have to let them dictate howthings go, even to the end. The rain fell, obscuring tears. Hischildren, Jesse, Walker, and Hannah, said goodbye to their father. Hissisters Roxanne and Sandy said goodbye to their brother.

: - "For Gil, it is about creating an intimacy with people, and in particular, with Blackthorn, which helps frame a powerful performance by Sam Shepard as the grand western outlaw, now in his twilight years, attempting a desperate pilgrimage to recover a part of his past. This ‘grizzled old man of the west’ character is difficult to pull off without a sense of cliché and overfamiliarity, but Shepard invests him with a truth and a longing that makes his performance very memorable."

: "An understatedly charismatic performance from Sam Shepard is the best reason to see this flawed but affecting Western from Spanish director Gil Mateo... Shepard delivers an engagingly soulful turn as the grizzled ex-cowboy, his Cassidy world-weary but still sporting that mischievous twinkle, while the vast, golden-hued Bolivian environs are beautifully rendered."

On July 27, 2017 Sam Shepard passed away at age 73 on his farm in Midway, Kentucky.

I'm beginning to realize that there must be thousands of people who have acquired bits and pieces of Sam's life. I'm fortunate that I'm not famous. That he would abandon family photographs, and even Obie awards, leads me to believe he has no affectionate attachment to the past, nor does he inhabit the world of nostalgia. I could assume he therefore lives in the present - don't we all wish for that - but the truth is he's still deeply scarred and attached to his on-going dysfunctional past. I'm sure his Nova Scotia home was supposed to provide a seasonal haven for wife O-lan and young son Jesse.

Sam Shepard and Patti Smith at the Hotel Chelsea in 1971.

Fiach McConghail, Director of the Abbey Theatre said, "It's a privilege to have Sam Shepard and Patti Smith perform on the Abbey stage. To have two world famous, iconic artists perform in support of young artists from the Abbey's New Playwrights Programme is an amazing endorsement for the Abbey Theatre. It is a tribute to their generosity and commitment to Ireland's national theatre, a theatre founded by artists with a vision to build a theatre culture in Ireland for future generations".

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Austin, the uptight brother in Sam Shepard's 1980 play "True West," is pacing around the kitchen.

Often hailed as Sam Shepard’s masterpiece, True West deconstructs the damaged relationship between two estranged brothers who are striving for success.

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: "If you want to see a charismatic performance, look no further than Sam Shepard’s in Mateo Gil’s revisionist western about Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid...A suitably weathered-looking Shepard holds the scene superbly and the many close-ups of him vie with the Bolivian landscape in eloquence."

Pulitzer Prize-winner Sam Shepard's classic comedy is a story of estranged brothers ..

In an interview with Movieline, Sam commented on the film: "This is a beautiful script, great little script. It's a script I wouldn't even think about touching except rearranging a little bit of the language in it, but there's no way you can improve on it. I play an ex-sharpshooter from the army who lives alone on a riverboat house and is sort of the protector of the Matthew McConaughey character... The writing is totally authentic and flows. It doesn't feel like any of it is contrived."

The mobster film, , (they re-named "Cogan's Trade") is the other selection, with Andrew Dominik ("The Assassination of Jesse James...) directing Brad Pitt and Sam once again. Co-stars include Ray Liotta, James Gandolfina and Richard Jenkins. Pitt plays Jackie Cogan, an enforcer for the New England mob. When a high-stakes card game is heisted by unknown hoodlums, Cogan is called in to ‘handle’ the problem. Moving expertly and ruthlessly among a variety of criminal hacks, hangers-on, and bigger-time crooks, Cogan gets to the root of the problem and, with five consecutive shots from a Smith & Wesson thirty-eight Police Special, restores order to his corner of the Boston underworld. The film will open in US theaters on September 21, 2012.

I recenly read a book called True west by sam shepard.

"Our democracy was hard-earned but could be very easily lost. Playwright Sam Shepard once said that 'democracy's a very fragile thing. ... As soon as you stop being responsible to it and allow it to turn into scare tactics, it's no longer democracy, is it? It's something else. It may be an inch away from totalitarianism.'

Trump's scare tactics threaten to turn our democracy into 'something else' and we all must take the responsibility to ensure this does not happen. Trump must be soundly defeated. He is wholly unworthy of your vote."

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: "Cassidy is played beautifully by Sam Shepard - craggy, handsome, weather-beaten and now in his late 60s. Shepard’s something of a renaissance man but he’s always been an effective presence in films, especially when required to play a military type or ride a horse."