This created a riot and then more people stood up for Rosa Parks....

America today is filled with many different cultures and people, thanks to Rosa Parks.

They later founded the "Rosa and Raymond Parks Institute for Self-Development", which helps young African-Americans develop leadership skills to improve the community and learn about the civil rights movement.

An African American seamstress known as Rosa Parks preformed a bold action when she chose not to abandon her seat on the bus to a white man who needed it.

Brinkley shows how Rosa Parks is a prime example of inspiration to people in his book, and is evidenced by his attitude in the excerpt, his choice of detail, and his textual reference....

Well, Rosa Parks refused to move from here seat in the bus and stand up for herself and her people.

Rosa Parks was a an African American woman who’s bravery was unknown at moment, and was a foundation for the society we know now, as her name is to me being as great as the monument that stands for liberty and justice for all…the Statue Of Liberty) Slide 2: In Montgomery Alabama 1955, the segregation laws required blacks to pay at the front of the bus and re-board at the back of the bus.

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Rosa Parks influenced many northerners & lawmakers to look squarely at the discrimination victimizing Alabama’s black people, and work to correct injustice.

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This historical investigation explores the reasons behind Parks’ success and on the other hand, why similar acts of resistance did not have the same effect....

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Part A: Plan of Investigation: Rosa Parks was not the first African American to resist segregation on public transportation, but the effect her resistance had on American history dwarfs that of the others.

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First Black Woman To Give Up Her Seat Was Ignored For Having A Baby Out Of Wedlock Claudette Colvin was the first person arrested for what Rosa Parks became famous for—resisting the bus segregation...

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Rosa Parks was born in the same year as when President Woodrow Wilson’s administration initiated racial separation in bathrooms, restaurants, lunchrooms, and break rooms.

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Black people were also arrested were also arrested for loitering while standing on street corners waiting for rides (Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott).

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In 1992, Parks published Rosa Parks: My Story, an autobiography aimed at younger readers, which recounts her life leading to her decision to keep her seat on the bus. A few years later, she published her memoir, titled Quiet Strength (1995), which focuses on her faith in her life. On August 30, 1994, Joseph Skipper, an African-American drug addict, entered her home and attacked the 81-year-old Parks in the course of a robbery. The incident sparked outrage throughout the United States. After his arrest, Skipper said that he had not known he was in Parks' home but recognized her after entering. Skipper asked, "Hey, aren't you Rosa Parks?" to which she replied, "Yes. " She handed him $3 when he demanded money, and an additional $50 when he demanded more. Before fleeing, Skipper struck Parks in the face. Skipper was arrested and charged with various breaking and entering offenses against Parks and other neighborhood victims. He admitted guilt and, on August 8, 1995, was sentenced to eight to 15 years in prison. Suffering anxiety upon returning to her small central Detroit house following the ordeal, Parks moved into Riverfront Towers, a secure high-rise apartment building where she lived for the rest of her life.

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King told these people that the only way the black community could fight back was if they boycotted the bus company (Rosa Parks and the Montgomery Bus Boycott).