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Most companies and organizations have people working in small teams.

My uneasiness stemmed from my experience during my undergraduate studies as an adult learner; three out of five group projects resulted in poor quality research, content, and conflict between the high output team members and the low engaged team members....

Thus, some group members' voices rise above the others in group interactions.

Structuration Theory distinguishes between systems, such as small groups, and structures, the practices, rules, norms, and other resources the system uses to function and sustain itself.

Creating a focused, directed, and engaged team will build the connection between communication and personality styles instead of working against it....

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This essay will discuss how active listening strategies such as analysing and displaying non-verbal body language, clarifying meaning and accuracy, expressing understanding for the speaker’s feelings through empathy and silence contribute to effective communication by encouraging the speaker to convey hi...

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Systems theory generally ignores issues of power and status that influence small group decision making, particularly when groups are embedded in larger organizations.

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No single, perfect, all-encompassing theory of small group communication exists.

From a functional perspective, researchers are concerned with identifying the specific aspects of group communication and structure that produce the group's desired outcomes.

Right now I am in a small group communications class.

Communication helps group members by promoting rational judgments and critical thinking, as well as preventing group members from faulty decision-making and flawed problem solving.

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According FIRO theory, team member play roles in team depend on their relationship and communication in a team to the interpersonal need of each other team member.

If you want to foster effective team communication in a small group, ..

The overview does not cover every theory of small group communication, but includes the more developed and researched approaches to small groups.

The functional approach to small group communication is concerned with the results or outcomes of group behaviors and structures.

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So, much like Standard Agenda (see Critical Thinking and Pragmatics modules), group members must:

The functional approach to small group communication has several strengths.

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Second, this approach emphasizes the purpose communication serves in small groups, and it makes it clear that, without communication, group members could not accomplish their goals.

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Third, researchers have found it difficult to consistently identify the key group functions essential to small group decision making and problem solving.

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The descriptions included here serve only as introductions to these theories of small group communication and are not meant to be comprehensive discussions.