It means the whole essay is about your opinion.

The means of transport have made our world a very small and common place to live in.

But Land transport can be subdivided in two more type: Roadways and Railways


All states of a country are connected to each other by roads and highways.

However, air transport is more expensive as compared to other means of transport.

An Aeroplan carry both people and goods from one country to another; flying over deserts, forests, mountains, seas and oceans.

With rocket, the human beings are able reach moon now.

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Air Transport includes airplanes and helicopters which are very fast means of transport.

In a conclusion paragraph / opinion paragraph , in case of a discussion or opinion essay, if I state the solution or measures to improve a situation, will it be considered as off topic or will it impact on task response?

What are the differenses of opinion essay and discussion essay?

It is my first time to contact you, i got question regarding to Task 2 or generally both tasks). I am confusing when it comes to essay in my IELTS practice test, I can not concentrate on my IDEAS at the time when i am writing. Could you give me suggestion to get rid of these things because i really need you help on this issue now due-to getting my frist exam on July.

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Today, almost all nations of our earth are interconnected by air transport.

personally I would like to speak for this statement. What has been put forward in this essay a good reflection of what I express as my own feelings….(as a conclution)

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My question: When and in which of the 5 types of essays is it fine to make a suggestion in the conclusion paragraph?
Your advice is always so crucial. Thank you so very much.

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The subject of……is generating a lot of controversies nowadays. While a group of people opinion strongly for it ; opponents are also found to be consistent. In this essay I will look at these views first before I conclude with my own opinion….(as a introduction)

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Can I write an essay on the necessity of law in the first paragraph and talk about the importance of educating people the benefits of recycling in the second paragraph?

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Firstly, I want to thank you for putting up this website. I will be taking my exam this May and I find your website very useful and easy to understand. I do have a question on the introduction of the model essay, I’m confused as when to use however in a sentence. I know it is a linking word used to contrast but from the paragraph above, is it applicable to use however? In my understanding, however is used to disagree with the first statement which is “Social networking sites, for instance Facebook, are thought by some to have had…” In this case disagreeing with it means that your opinion is that you don’t agree with the first sentence but at the end of the paragraph, you stated that you are agreeing with the statement. Shouldn’t we omit the word however instead?


Your website is very useful and had brought about a lot of positive impact on my performance. However, I’d like to inquire whether it is advisable to use “It is considered by many that..” or “some people claim” or the use of statistics as examples in opinion essays

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You can agree or you can disagree or you can partially agree (this means you present a specific opinion, often called a balanced view but it doesn’t mean a discussion essay). No student should try a partial agreement unless they have been trained how to do it.