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Present your literary analysis essay in an organized fashion. Make your argument flow logically and intelligently from paragraph to paragraph – point-to-point. Make each sentence relate back to that "tuning fork", your thesis sentence. If any paragraph doesn't expand on your thesis sentence then you're meandering away from the purpose of your essay.

Your interpretation of a particular literary work is the central point or idea you want to convey to your readers. With interpretation, or argument, the rest of your essay expands on your thesis sentence. Using the above thesis sentence, the rest of the essay will present an argument on how the nature of Haynesville influences and affects the thoughts, beliefs, and actions of the main character/protagonist, Walter.

With the above thesis sentence, you know the essay will focus on the town of Haynesville and Walter. You begin to understand that the town's simple way of life will manifest itself in the main character of the story. In your thesis sentence, include a reference or two to "literary elements". In this example, "Character" is an element of literature that your reader now knows the essay will focus on. You may want to reference Plot or Language and Style in your thesis sentence.

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This sentence in the introduction fine-tunes your central point. For example, you may write, "The town of Haynesville in all its down-home simplicity is at the heart of this novel and also defines the main character Walter precisely." Your thesis sentence is important in a Literary Analysis Essay as it gets your reader focused on the "intent" of your essay.

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