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A crucial premise of William Lane Craig's kalam cosmological argument (KCA) is that the universe began to exist. Craig supplements the KCA itself with a secondary argument for this crucial premise. That secondary argument, in turn, presumes that an actual infinite cannot exist. In this essay, Jeffrey T. Allen argues that if an omniscient God exists, the premise that an actual infinite cannot exist is false, as an omniscient God would need to know an infinite number of truths about himself. Thus Craig's defense of his KCA appears to entail a premise that contradicts the conclusion of his KCA. As long as Craig does not offer some alternative defense of the KCA premise that the universe began to exist, and unless he can justify limiting to the physical world his KCA premise that whatever begins to exist has a cause, he must either concede that it is false that an actual infinite cannot exist, or else that God does not exist.

This is where I need the components of my paper to be introduced to the reader. I need the argument to be introduced, my stance on the argument, my thesis statement clearly noticeable, the plan for what I will be touching on in the paper, and general background information on my thesis.
My thesis statement for this essay should be: “In my paper, I will argue that J. L. Mackie’s argument on contingency and sufficient reason is more convincing than Aquina’s Cosmological argument.

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