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They need to realized that races are defined based on cultural values than biological construction.

Therefore, the notion that race is biologically constructed in invalid.

Social reality of race simply refers to the fact that people still believed that races are based on physical traits such as skin color or hair texture to judge others.

This article gives a brief description of the biology essay and its purpose. It suggests a step-by-step preparation and some important tips.

Biology essay writing includes all essays that are written about living things. Biology encompasses a wide range of topics within one vast area of study. Different writers tend to specialize in different areas of this field. While some may be able to write extensively on botany, others may specialize in zoology. Biology essay writing is usually research based writing. When writers construct biology essays, they will draw on other scholarly sources to validate their arguments. Even if these essays are simple descriptions on any life form, for example, writers will use scholarly sources to back their statements.

This is so because it is impossible to define races biologically, only cultural constructions of race are possible.

When you begin writing your Biology essay, you must develop an introduction to the topic. This introduction begins with a general understanding of biology. It then transitions towards your specific topic. By the time you reach the end of your introduction, you should be prepared to present your thesis statement for your Biology essay. You must consider your thesis statement to be tentative because you are likely to modify and perfect it as you write your essay. This is because you might come across points in your research that can help to fine tune your thesis statement.

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Writing a Biology essay requires step-by-step preparation. You need to accumulate all your required matter first. You also need to organize the matter according to the requirement of your topic. Additionally, you will need to have an organized approach to writing your Biology essay. Working with an outline is important. It will help you remain within the boundaries of your essay. While your topic helps you to search and obtain pertinent information for your essay, your essay outline prevents you from drifting away from the topic.

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Biology essay writing includes all essays that are written about living things

Once you are done with the introduction of your Biology essay, you can start building up your arguments. You can do this with coherent paragraphs that highlight each important point. In each of these paragraphs, you will need to back up your claims with scholarly sources that support your arguments. In a Biology essay, it is a good idea to use as many sources as you can. These sources should also be up-to-date or they should be accepted today as well. These validate your claims in each paragraph as your essay progresses.

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After presenting your arguments in your Biology essay, you might want to analyze the claims you have made. This is a good idea and demonstrates your keenness to question what you have written. You should try questioning what you state in your Biology essay from as many angles as possible. While doing so, you could reinforce your arguments with scholarly sources that justify what you have written.

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Your Biology essay will end with a conclusion. You can end your essay with words that restate your thesis statement. At this point, you may also realize that your thesis statement needs fine-tuning. You could modify your Biology essay thesis statement along with concluding your arguments. This last step is commonly done, and helps to tie up anything you may have not thought about earlier.