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Teen pregnancy is a rising social problem in the United States and among other countries.

2. The reason the authors use allusion in the first paragraph is to show the readers that teen pregnancy is becoming a trend amongst celebrities and its sweeping teen culture along with it....

This topic is always going to be in the media for different reasons, and occasionally you hear about a story of a young girl getting pregnant due to un-safe sex.

The great majority of Americans believe that teen pregnancies are a serious national problem, indeed a problem that is the major component of what is thought to be national moral decline.

The topic that I am studying is Teenage Pregnancy.

contraception and pregnancy planning (). As is the case for the first recommended campaign goal—increasing knowledge—the committee views access to contraception as a basic first step toward reducing unintended pregnancy—a necessary precondition, and a fundamental requirement.

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The two recommendations that follow take different approaches to increasing access to contraception: reducing financial barriers and broadening the pool of health professionals and institutions that promote pregnancy planning. These reflect the committee's conclusion that financial barriers may limit access to prescription-based methods of contraception, especially for low-income women, and that, overall, there are too few health professionals who actively promote

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Analyzing a short-term and long-term effects of the issue can be also a great idea to focus on when working on teenage pregnancy essay. This embraces analyzing every aspect of life that a teenage mom needs to cope with during pregnancy, when giving birth and bringing up the child. It is necessary to mention the effects of modern mass media on teenage pregnancy rates since our times’ TV shows and cinema movies have quite obvious propaganda of unprotected sex and sexual relationships in very young ages. This can also give an amazing opportunity to tie up the argument in a cause-end-effect pattern, which is very often successfully used by many students who work on writing an argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy topic. It is crucial to mention a number of causes and reasons why so many teenage girls of our times have to face early pregnancy and all the related hardships.

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Finally, keep in mind all classic requirements and the recommendations to those students who have to produce a great argumentative paper. Be sure to make a strong point and bring as many valid arguments as possible to support your point of view and possibly even persuade your reader to take your side on the issue. Follow a chosen writing style which should not be too dry like the one of a research paper or a scientific term paper. Add as many examples, illustrative materials, related stories or anecdotes as possible in order to make your teenage pregnancy essay really interesting for your readers. Before submitting your academic essay on teenage pregnancy to the instructor, make sure that the paper is properly styled, formatted, proofread and free from any errors like logical, grammar, syntax, etc.

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Using statistics, facts, figures, indexes, diagrams, tables, and any other kind of illustrative materials is an important thing to keep in mind when working on your argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy, as well as on other types of academic papers. Fortunately, it is possible to find plenty of related information online, in various reputable academic sources like journals, magazines, various online scientific editions, etc. Be sure to make proper references and follow citation format when using borrowed ideas, quotes, statistics, diagrams, and other information from such sources. Thus, an argumentative essay on teenage pregnancy should have clear elements of a research paper, in order to produce the best and the most effective arguments to support the author’s point of view.

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The second focus of the campaign to prevent unintended pregnancy should stress increasing access to contraception, especially the more effective methods that require contact with a health care professional. The committee was persuaded that one of the reasons for such high rates of unintended pregnancy in the United States is that, through a combination of financial and structural factors, the health care system in the United States makes access to prescription-based methods of contraception a complicated, sometimes expensive proposition. Private health insurance often does not cover contraceptive costs; the various restrictions on Medicaid eligibility make it an unreliable source of steady financing for contraception except for very poor women who already have a child; and the net decline in public investment in family planning services (especially those services supported by Title X of the Public Health Service Act), in the face of higher costs and sicker patients, may have decreased access to care for those who depend on publicly-financed services. Condoms, the most accessible form of contraception, provide valuable protection against STDs but must be accompanied by other contraceptive methods (preferably those that require a prescription) to afford maximum protection against unintended pregnancy. Unfortunately, other accessible nonprescription methods such as foam and other spermicides neither prevent the transmission of STDs nor offer the best protection against unintended pregnancy.

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Increasing the number of comprehensive sex education courses would help young people learn how to better protect themselves against premature pregnancy and STDs, and in turn curtail the number of teenage pregnancies....