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Many traditional foods were adapted to suit American tastes and ingredients.

These gurus do not realize that the human body derives its energy from the energy in the chemical bonds of the food we digest. This energy is then converted into heat and kinetic energy ( and thought) To write down any precise equation for the total energy balance of something as complicated as the human body would be extremely difficult

For 3 weeks a guy eats 5700 Cals/day mainly FAT and his weight goes up 1Kg. His CVD risk factors get better.
For another 3 weeks the same guy eats 5700 Cals/day mainly CARBS and his weight goes up 7Kg. His CVD risk factors get worse.
How can the weight gain be completely different if he eats the same Cals/day in both experiments? How can it all be about the total calories you eat? Are all calories the same when talking about health if certain kinds of food make you sick and others don’t?

I was thinking about this as an idea, “Is it possible to hack your body to burn fat, while feasting on low carb whole foods”? I decided to take the idea of the bulletproof diet, and the idea of keto that allows me to think of making a combined plan, Not totally paleo(bulletproof diet) because It would still rely on a lower amount of carbs like 20 or less, and include diary fat, and no refeeding. I was thinking about this from one person that told me about a plate, If your plate is 80%+ fat and rest is from protein and few carbs like less then 9grams an hour but as long as your eating a huge amount of fat you will never have the possibility of that food to ever turn to fat on the body. Almost like a soldier defending your body from getting fat. Then I was thinking about how true it is that if your body is eating a lot of food, which some make it seem hard to do. but oddly I find fat not filling so I can eat alot.. Any ways, I mean like enough over 2000 or more that your body will never be in starvation mode and begin to drop those fat pounds cause it wouldn’t have to think about holding on to anything your eating since your never in starvation mode. Your body will be thinking.. I guess I am being fed I’ll always have energy so I can keep working and not hold on to anything new that comes in from the mouth. Then your body will be using all the food and excess from your body as well, while perserving the muscles from the protein intake being enough to keep and maintain them. which will also lead to weight loss.

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Since the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organizationof the United Nations) has taken the trouble to produce a comprehensive (Holthuis,1980), they may be allowed to explain: 'we may say that in Great Britain the term 'shrimp' is the more general of the two, and isthe only term used for Crangonidae and most smaller species.

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Hi Peter,
What about for someone that has the opposite problem: I can’t seem to get past 170lbs despite a regimen of heavy weights and lots of protein/carbs. I’m 31, 5’9. Do I need to worry about carbs so much if I’m not really concerned about weight/fat gain? I thought it was about calories In, so I ate a lot of junk food and stuff trying to gain mass.

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The company & brand (individual seafood cocktails packed in glass) remain viable.

The company believes if found a partial solution to its advertising problem when it obtained the services of Bing Crosby, who is now a director and owner of 20,000 shares of Vacuum Foods common stock.

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The name is siad to come from the Latin cibus (food) via Spanish cebo (fodder, food, bait) and cebiche (fish stew) something different but comparable...When fish is cooked by heat, the main effect in terms of food chemistry is that its protein is 'denatured'.

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I feel after nearly two years with a generally low carb approach to diet my metabolic system has attained a high degree of flexibility. Such that I have achieved a good body comp which I can maintain comfortably by cycling between high carb days and near ketotic days. In some of my earlier efforts I struggled to maintain body comp though, believing the mantra just eat real food, and carbs don’t matter. I have shown to myself that carbs do matter, in the context that my metabolic systems were not running optimally to the extent that I could maintain a slight negative energy balance and control appetite so as to achieve body comp goals.

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The real issue with Richard’s post and others is that they no longer think insulin is a major contributor to weight gain and ill health. I don’t always eat VLC, but I also don’t agree with the Food Reward theory.

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Ultimately, the concentrate was frozen and successfully marketed as a convenient product available year round...Early marketing stressed the superior taste of Minute Maid's frozen concentrate as opposed to canned orange juice, as well as its convenience compared to squeezing fresh oranges.

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Andshareholders are squabbling in court."
--- "Tuna Dogs Sink in Sea of Troubles," Doug Miller, , March 19,1990, Vol 19; No 42; Sec 1; pg 1HAM OF THE SEA
"For years, canned tuna, frozen fish sticks and pickled herring constituted the bulk of processedseafood products available to consumers.