I agree with the fact that college is not needed for a lot of things.

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For a while I thought my passion might be political science and I did about 2 years in college because like you Neal, I was afraid NOT to go to college and get a degree. Now I sort of had an epiphany and realized my future in providing a living for myself is in computers. I have begun showing an interest in programming and changed my major to Computer Science.

It’s commonly held that a “college degree” is a 4-year diploma. I agree that many of these jobs require training but it may be much less expensive and easier to obtain than a 4 year degree.

I’ve been in both the corporate and legal worlds and I can tell you that education and hard work mean little. If you want to get into corporate, you need a college degree (only because HR departments require it). But a college degree is no measure of performance. I know quite a few dim-bulbs that have a 4 year degree. More importantly though, if you want to get ahead in corporate you need to either (1) be physically attractive or (2) know the right people. That’s it. People in corporate ask me if they should get an MBA … I tell them no. Your career will go farther by simply kissing up to the “right” people.

i thought you needed a degree for the jobs he listed?? does anyone know of any others. i would love to go to college just cannot afford it!

Hi, I think you can still earn online doing things that do not require any formal education at all. For example, you can become a freelance writer for a company. Of course, it would be great to know some rules in essay writing but you can learn that online as well, and skip college.

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It is what I do outside of work that paints a larger than life picture of who I am and what I’m all about. I am the change I wish to see in the world…in who we are collectively, seeing our planetary society begin to make sense, seeing peoples minds open up and flourish with the possibilities and potential that the countless generations before us have provided, the technical and scientific discoveries and solutions we constantly ignore in favor of an outdated and pointless social system.

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For example, I want to pursue acting. I’m not going to college. The guy next door to me wants to be a lawyer…He’s going to college.

Did Steve Jobs get a degree to start Apple? No. Not only that, but from what I understand he doesn’y hitre based on college experience. I know it’s a one-off example, however, there are plenty Jobs-like people in the world.

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I am training to be an engineer at college. This means I have to take a variety of calculus and physics. It also means I have to take a lot of programming courses, since I am going to be a software engineer. Let me tell you, if you want to be a manager or want to work on something really cool- such as working for IBM or working for a
private defense company designing missile systems and such, you need a degree. Sure, you could be a technician maybe without a degree, but if you want the big bucks making awesome technology, you need a degree in engineering or computer science or even a degree in Information Technology.

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Although I understand your what you mean in your message. And you do have good key points. The meaning between the two words, college and collage, are different.

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I decided college wasnt for me and have made over 5 million dollars over the last 10 years. At this juncture in my life, I want to go back to school. Its not always about money, but about living, and being able to communicate yourself more clearly. Its about the personal satisfaction in learning about anything that may interest you. Yes you can learn on your own, but structure can give you a base. Making money is a scam. If you can scam, you can make money. In a period where everyone is pressured to buy, is convinced that they need all of these things, making money is directly related in your willingness to offer false hopes, wether it be to customers, bankers, employees, etc. Nobody who wants to make money sells the whole complete truth.

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So instead we have way to many performing and visual arts majors and not enough science, math,technology and engineering majors.
And to risk bringing up the collage the dropouts Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.
Today the next Bills and Steves have do not have enough people in this country to create the stuff they would sell. (just so you know Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did not invent nor create anything someone else who did acquire a science, math,technology and engineering degree did it for them.

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I am not saying people who do not go to collage are dumb but they are intentionally making it harder to get a job even if they did acquire the knowledge without getting one and I also know plenty of Collage grads are 2.0 grads who have a piece of paper but not the knowledge it is supposed to stand for. I a perfect world a collage grad would be the more intelligent and we would only accept as many majors in a subject then there was demand for people trained in that field but alas this is not a perfect world.