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When purchasing any product, a consumer goes through a decision process....
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In this respect, marketers and producers are forced to conduct intensive market research in order to identify the various external factors that are likely to influence the decision making process or buying behavior of consumers in regards to a particular product....

In it's simplest form, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, (or CBT as it will be referred to from here on out), refers to the approach of changing dysfunctional behaviors and thoughts to realistic and healthy ones.

There are many ways in examining, mental processes and behaviors among people, and therefore psychologist uses different perspectives to understand how human beings, think, act, and behave.

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17) Behavioural change can occur when the positive behaviours one wants are reinforced, and the acts of negative behaviour is either punished or not being responded to....

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Aaron Beck founded the theory and it is meant to understand the human behavior by observing the processes triggered by reasoning and individual thoughts.

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(2005): Consumer Values and Fair-Trade Beliefs, Attitudes and Buying Behaviour.
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You'll find out - not surprisingly - that demand curves are negatively sloped, i.e. that an increase of price produces a fall in the quantity bought (try to modify both prices of X and Y to see the effect of changes). If consumers are identical, this graph software generates the market demand curve.

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Now reflect: if an increase of income fosters utility whereas an increase of price depresses it - and everything is very precise - there should be the possibility of keeping the consumer exactly at the same level of utility by giving some additional amount of income to compensate for the price increase.

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Individual factors would include mental illness, increased depression, alcohol or drug abuse, difficulty coping with physical changes and gender identity concerns, such as being gay or lesbian with lack of family support and acceptance.

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I intend to reflect the attitudes of the public and artists in America at this time, while examining the growing popularity of pop art from its rocky, abstract expressionist start in the 1950s through the height of consumer culture in the 60s and 70s to the present day....

Changes in demand and consumer …

Try now some systematic experiment. Keeping income at the same level, gradually increase the price of X, as it would happen maybe due to rising business . How does the quantity bought of X change? By collecting your observations, you'll get the demand function, linking the quantity purchased of a good with its price.

A Dual-Step and Dual-Process Model of Advertising Effects: Implications for Reducing the Negative Impact of Advertising on Children's Consumption Behaviour

Postwar West German Reconstruction and the consuming Woman (1996), in which she explores how the development of a "social market economy" after 1949 gave a new centrality to consumers as key players in the economic life of the (German) nation and in that process gave women a new public significance.

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At the end of the day, we also all know that there’s a trap built into the system: the more you consume, the more you are pressed to consume more because whatever satisfaction possession of things brings us is always fleeting thus driving us further and further down the material path of life seeking nirvana around the next corner at the mall....